Little Tree Vol. 7

by Justin Friello



released December 25, 2016

©2016 Justin Friello

All music arranged and performed by Justin Friello, except where noted.



all rights reserved


Justin Friello Schenectady, New York

If Dave Matthews sang R&B. If Tracy Chapman were a rapper. The lovechild of Alanis Morissette and Cee-Lo Green and if that child went on to have another child with Andrew Bird and Sufjan Stevens in a wild 3-way.

Justin is a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, piano, viola, mandolin, percussion & whistles.

He's also an composer of classical & musical theatre works.

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Track Name: Jack & Jill (Christmas Version)
Always want what I can't have
But I continue to climb that hill
And I promise that I'll find my way back
If you'll be my Jill

It's me you haunt with your smile your laugh
Whatever is in you, I'll find it, I will
And I promise that I'll be your Jack
If you'll be my Jill

You wore my hat, and with your hand on my back
You said, "I'm going home."
So I'll pretend that I'll see you again
Your picture, my company when I am alone

My setting sun, what have you done?
Your glance, it gave me a thrill
If you only knew I'm mad over you
You might be my Jill

You said goodnight with your smile bright
And gave me only your name
It's dumb, I know, to think of you so
But I hold on to the fantasy that you feel the same

Memory will be the death of me
But I can't seem to get my fill
A panic attack; I want to be your Jack
Would you be my Jill?