Little Tree, Vol. 6

by Justin Friello



All vocals and instruments performed and arranged by Justin Friello.


released December 25, 2015

"Welcome Christmas" ©1957 Geisel, Hague
"Must Be Santa" ©1960 Fredericks, Moore
"Christmas In The Room" ©2012 Sufjan Stevens
"The Twelve Days Of Christmas" Traditional
"Ave Maria", Franz Schubert
"What Is Christmas Without You?" ©2015 Justin Friello
"Auld Lang Syne" Traditional



all rights reserved


Justin Friello Schenectady, New York

If Dave Matthews sang R&B. If Tracy Chapman were a rapper. The lovechild of Alanis Morissette and Cee-Lo Green and if that child went on to have another child with Andrew Bird and Sufjan Stevens in a wild 3-way.

Justin is a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, piano, viola, mandolin, percussion & whistles.

He's also an composer of classical & musical theatre works.

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Track Name: What Is Christmas Without You?
Decorate the tree to remind me
Of all the days I wish weren't behind me
Silver bells and phones try to wake me
I'm in hell, so please don't make me

Ooh, I'd turn on the lights on the tree
Ooh, but no one would see them but me
Ooh, it feels like the day never ends

Take the star and throw it in the snow
Unplug the lights, take down the mistletoe
And take my heart and the family I know
It feels not right to celebrate alone
'Cause what is Christmas without you?

TV shows don't offer suggestions
Radios are out of the question
Everywhere the spirit gets stronger
But I can't bear this day any longer

Ooh, I used to go out in the snow
Ooh, but now, tell me, where would I go?
Ooh, the season drags on every year

Take the tree and throw it on the lawn
Burn all the boughs, quit singing all the songs
Turn off the oven; leave the turkey raw
I've hated Christmas ever since you've gone
Blow out the candles burning on the wreath
Put out the fire playing on TV
Unwrap the gifts for everyone but me
I'll be all right, it's how it has to be
'Cause what is Christmas without you?