Little Tree

by Justin Friello



released December 25, 2010

All music written or arranged and performed by Justin Friello.



all rights reserved


Justin Friello Schenectady, New York

If Dave Matthews sang R&B. If Tracy Chapman were a rapper. The lovechild of Alanis Morissette and Cee-Lo Green and if that child went on to have another child with Andrew Bird and Sufjan Stevens in a wild 3-way.

Justin is a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, piano, viola, mandolin, percussion & whistles.

He's also an composer of classical & musical theatre works.

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Track Name: The Ghost Of The Stockade Has Come Upon Us
When the lamplight burns out I run
There is fog in my eyes running fast
There he stands, he the ghost, he is passed
I am far, I am far, I am done

In the city I stand all alone
When he comes from the night, from the night
His shadow I see by the light
He arrives, no one knows, no one knows

Coming for us, I cover my eyes
Safe from the ghost that roams
I see my breath in the cold
I run, I run, I run…

See the dust form the ground fly away
As I run through the streets breathing hard
He approaches my side from afar
I know not what to say, what to say

Frozen, I stand in the dark
As the ghost of the Stockade, he speaks
Through my trembling fingers I peek
I'm alone, it is dark, it is dark

Calling for us, I shut my eyes
Safe from the ghost the moans
I see his hand that touches my arm
I run, I run, I run…

Overhead shines a light glowing white
From the sky, burning soft, burning hard
He leads me there through the dark
It is here, it has come, it is night

Coming for us, I open my eyes
Safe with the ghost that roams
I see the light that covers all
I run, I run, I run…